The leaf sheath of Area (Areca Catechu Linn) palm, extensively cultivated in South India as a cash crop, supplies a strong pliable material that is amenable to shaping. This product is obtained from the plant leaf part, which in the course of its biological life cycle, dries, falls and regenerates. This naturally shed leaf sheath is strong, semi flexible yet not brittle, odourless, water and heat resistant. This leaf sheath has its own natural grains and characteristic texture, very much similar to those seen in furniture grade wood. An added advantage with this material is that it can be used to bake foodstuff and can even tolerate microwave cooking. With such amazing properties it is no wonder that this raw material has been used to manufacture a variety of items of day-to-day use such as disposable plates, rain caps etc. and also as packaging material.

        Palm shed leaf sheaths are first carefully sorted and then thoroughly washed and mechanically pressed in a pre-heated form. A final trimming process gives finish to the products. The entire manufacturing process uses no chemicals, resins, and dyes, strengthening agents or synthetic materials whatsoever. A specialized baking & sterilisation process ensures that the plates are totally germ free, hygienic, and suitable for using for food.

ECO VISION most popular products are the disposable bioplates, currently available in 17 different sizes and shapes. Elegant to look at, it is the most convenient alternative to conventional plates. There is a plate to suit every occasion - birthday parties, wedding parties, religious functions, corporate get together, picnics, tours, sports events or any other indoor / outdoor caterings etc. These plates are economical and save on transportation, water and cleaning work to the caterers, picnic, tour and party organisers. It is extremely sturdy and comparatively lighter. Its leak proof property and the ability to withstand hot and cold temperature makes it a product that is one of its kind. Its biodegradable nature means that it can be easily disposed off after use, and over a period of time decays with the soil like any other naturally shed leaf. It can be used as animal feed and it is combustible too.

ECO VISION range of products offer all the natural advantages of a material that is freely available and demonstrates the overall advantages of using a biodegradable alternative. By incorporating technology the company has also developed innovative, practical and utility products in addition to the Bio plate viz. Greeting Cards, Caps, Packing material etc; with many more products in the anvil.

         The outer surface of the sheath is greenish or brown, waxy and tough, while the inner surface is creamy in colour and has natural grains and glossy finish.

        The constituents of the leaf sheaths are Cellulose-43 %; Crude fiber - 33 %, Ash - 5% and Moisture. From the manurial point of view, they contain N2-0.7 %;  P205-0.3 %  and  K2O-1.0 %.

        The leaf stocks are cleaned and rinsed using clean ground water under high pressure. Special care is taken where hygiene is concern. After all, people will be eating on these plates later on. Then the most important face punching out the shapes and pressing them with templates @ 180 degree. Operator operates two pressing machine at the same time, because lots of weight is important depending on plate size. The heat and pressure have to be applied for 40 to 60 seconds, so that the cookery retains it’s stability and can even be used later on in microwave ovens. 2 to 3 plates or bowls can be punched out of a good leafs sheet.
        Each piece is quite unique with the different colour and leaf structure. Uneven areas and stubborn areas are brushed away using machines.

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24 cm round   22 cm round   18 cm hexagon
24 cm hexagon   17x17 cm Square   24x24 cm Big Square
Topi 2 Side   Topi one Side   Padige Big
20 cm Bowl   20 cm Round   18 cm Round
26 cm Round   18 cm Soup Bowl   12 cm Round
16x24 cm Rectangle   Hale    

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