ECO VISION is proud to take the credit for introducing food serving bioplate concept in some of the European Countries. The company is managed by thorough professionals with qualifications and experience in the field. It is a 100% export oriented unit, and its products have been exported since 1996. Presently the company has an in house production capacity of about 50 million bio plates per annum, which is upgradeable to 70 millions.

ECO VISION uses this natural, renewable and biodegradable raw material to convert it into value added, environment friendly products. The company has pioneered an unique mechanical process to manufacture this traditionally hand crafted cottage industry product. This has now helped to mass-produce products of high standards, that maintain all the above said features in addition to high quality, hygiene and superior finish.

As someone who has a sincere concern for the well being of this world and its future generations, the typical eco friendly range of products of ECO VISION are here for you not only to stand out different, but also to set a fine example for others and to make your humble contribution towards a greener and cleaner earth.

Eco Vision products are already being exported to the following countries and the list is growing steadily


   and other EU countries


Areca is welll known in ancient India even in Vedic times. It is one of the best items considered best even to be offered to Gods as “ Kramuka”. The assembly of areca trees is called in sanscrit as “Poogivana” were arecanuts are collected in huge quantites. This may be assumed to be one of the most valuable forest produces. This has been the source of more than two crores of Indian agriculturists in India. But the use of areca sheaths has been discovered very recently for the purpose of making plates for taking food instead of plastic plates which are condemned as non-biodegradable and the use of bio-plates is considered as the best having regard to the environmental need of the day in this century. The discovery of this novel approach to make best use of arecanut sheahs all over India is nothing but adding artistic nobility and safety value for the production of natural qualities to be preserved for the generations to come. This idea is to be appreciated in the larger interests of the health of the communities and in the interests of avoiding the dangers and the consequential bad effects on the now prevalent bad systems of the use of plastic plates and plastic plates for the daily use of all the people all over the country.

Many countries have already decided to remove the manufacturing of plastic utensils and plates which create continuous and hazardous effects on the normal life of humanity in the world. It is hoped that the maximum use of areca nut sheeths by preparing the mind set of the public from the benfit effect of the plastic utensils and the hygienic and the beneficial qualities of natural and bio-degradable items like plates made out of areca leaves which are otherwise thrown away without using them expect for manuring purposes in areca gardens. Hence it is recommended that henceforth all the Areca Growers should take inspiration from this Novel idea of making best of this noble part of the noble and ancient areca nut allover India.

This use of the bio-degradable items of nature is to be stated regularly and exquisites as the most appropriate substitute for the avoidable plastic menace which is erodes the very existence of the humanity in future.

 It is of utmost importance to remember that one shri Prasad Bharanya son of B.M.Krishna Bhat who is presently in Switzerland, is making genuine effects to market the are nut plates manufactured in important places where use of bio-degradable plates or manufactured mostly in Malnad areas like Shimoga and Dakshina Kannada and Prasad Bharanya is the pioneer who invented this for the whole World and he is marketing the plates manufactured in India. This is commenced as a humble beginning about eight years back at Bantwal Taluk called Factory “ECO-VISION” which is producing plates and subsequently in Shimoga where the factory named “ECO- FRIEND” commenced working in the early part of the year 2004. This being done as a measure of innovative and noble creative imaginative inspired by the baneful effect of plastic menace and condemning the use of which alone should protect the next generation to come all over the World.

Certain other economic effect and growth of Rural Economy like the use of this part of the agricultural products can be best termed as supplementing the already declining rate of the price of Areca recently all the areca growers feeling the pinch of this calamity.


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